This free guide highlights what management apprenticeships
mean for your business. It unlocks some invaluable advice
on how to make the most of your levy and outlines
the responsibilities of the people involved.

Free management apprenticeships guide

The apprenticeship levy offers a huge opportunity for funded management development.

The complexity of the process, 20% off-the-job requirement and relevance to the organisation are just some of the challenges though that organisations are looking to overcome.

So how can you overcome these barriers?


 Download your free guide on how to launch successful management apprenticeships, including:

  • 10 tips to engage people with management apprenticeships
  • The management apprenticeship journey
  • A roadmap to implementing management apprenticeships
  • How Cirrus can help 

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“The apprenticeship levy is not just here to assist employees in the early stages of their career. It also provides opportunities for subsidised leadership and management development to benefit the more experienced.”