This free research provides valuable insights
and details the experiences of people who have
progressed from an ‘expert’ role to a broader ‘leadership’ role.

Free research: From Expert to Leader

Talented specialists often emerge as a mission critical segment when identifying strategic talent. Their deep expertise in the business’s core capability is a vital source of competitive advantage and the benefits to businesses that actively manage this challenging transition can be wide ranging.

So, what does it take to transform talented experts into successful business leaders?

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  • The typical motivations behind this career move
  • The considerations that could hold leaders back
  • The common challenges that ‘expert leaders’ face
  • How leaders can move on and step back from the specialism
  • The additional support required to ensure success
  • How specialists feel they are different
Expert to Leader report

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“By promoting experts to leaders, you can increase your retention of talented specialists who have outgrown their current role and seek a new challenge.”