This series of research reports from Cirrus and Ipsos LEAD
explores the strategic role of HR and provides valuable insights
into the challenges that HR face.

Free research: Leadership Connections series

The first two reports in the Leadership Connections series, focus on how HR leaders connect with the C-suite, contribute to strategy, and develop agility and innovation.

The results sparked much debate amongst the HR community and gained widespread media coverage. Our most recent report builds on these findings and examines the role of HR in transforming organisations.


Download your free copies and understand more about:

  •   How HR can help the C-suite achieve business goals

  •   The C-suite’s expectations of HR

  •   What HR’s role in transformation should be.



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“One of the biggest challenges for many large organisations today is encouraging a more entrepreneurial, responsive and risk-taking mind-set amongst all colleagues.”

Dr Simon Hayward, CEO, Cirrus