This free research highlights the common challenges,
findings and goals of performance management from
leading organisations across a variety of sectors.

Free research: Redefining performance
management report

Many organisations have agreed on what best practice in performance management looks like. Even though a more holistic approach is widely supported, making the shift can be challenging.

So, how can you overcome these barriers and create a more agile, dialogue-focused approach?

Download your free copy and learn more about how to:

  • Help managers to have effective conversations
  • Motivate and drive performance
  • Incorporate values and behaviours
  • Take a more responsive approach
  • Make the move online
  • Introduce a business focus
  • Make it a positive experience for all  
Redefining performance management report

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“Most organisations have embraced the concept of a more holistic approach to performance management for many years. However, many have struggled to move on.”

Nadine Smart, Head of Talent, Cirrus